Short takes

A couple of little things:

  • Spotted this on the Gothamist site: NY food blog Scanwiches, which features scanned cross-sections of sandwiches. Some beautiful images, but I really hope they’ve wrapped the scanner with plastic wrap.
  • I’m very much enjoying the Food Network show “Food Detectives.” Ted Allen (whom you may remember from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) work with scientists, experts and a crew of Food Techs to test questions about food. Investigations probe such mysteries as whether eating spicy food shortly before eating disturbs your sleep (it does); whether cooking foods with beer, wine or liquor actually eliminates all the alcohol (no, not even close); and what home remedies are most helpful for ameliorating the effects of hangovers, indigestion, or other maladies. The Food Techs don’t get to speak, but they are certainly able to express emotion and alarm as they gulp foul-tasting hangover cures, self-induce ice cream headaches and gorge on turkey to see if it really makes you sleepy. Check it out!
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