Bouncing back

I can hardly believe it’s been about four years since I last posted here. Well, I can believe it, it’s just embarrassing. But I am reviving the blogs, and will be sharing more of the yum.

And what exactly is Recipes of the Yum? At its simplest it’s a counterpoint to Recipes of the Damned, but it’s also a celebration of good food. My preferred focus will be food I’m cooking — that’s the “recipes” part, after all — but I will not hesitate to post great food photos from my excursions out and about.

And the Yum is democratic, small-d. Or ecumenical. Inclusive. I don’t generally have the budget for filet mignon and fancy restaurants, but they’ll appear here if I get the chance. As will simple home cooking, or particularly good retail bakery offerings, or taco truck. (You would not believe the taco truck in our neighborhood. The sauce! The rojo sauce should be sold on its own. Or licensed, or given away free as a jump-start to world peace.) I have my snobbery but it’s quirky and individual, and I try not to impose it on others.

So, welcome back to the Yum. I’ll be catching up with some recent cooking, and pointing to my new Zazzle store, Little Shop of the Yum, which will feature my photos. You can check those out on my Flickr page, and if you see something you’d love to buy as a mug or postcard or something, let me know!


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