Pizza, Thin on the Base and Thick at the Edges

I made pizza last night. We had watched an episode of Food Detectives that investigated whether the water in New York City pizza crust makes a difference (it does), and that made me itchy to make dough. So I decided to try a thin crust base. I hand-pushed and manipulated the dough more than I rolled it, and the base of the pizza was fairly thin, but the edges were still thick — sort of a hybrid of deep-dish and thin crust. I think to try a real thin crust I need to either make a 3/4 size batch of dough or get a baking stone, or perhaps both.

Anyway, here is the pizza just sliced:

And a long view (it looks huge from this angle–it’s the size of a standard cookie sheet):

And a close-up.

I laid on a moderate base of sauce and topped it with Yves veggie pepperoni, sliced kalamata olives, and plenty of mozzarella. It was very good.

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