Stir Fry

It’s been a while since I posted and I’m going to do a series of relatively short posts rather than one encyclopedic one. So this is a short cooking-oriented post, a stir-fry I made the other week.

I sliced and salted half an eggplant and let it stand a bit, then rinsed and dried the slices and cubed them.

I also chopped up some other vegetables, including mushrooms, broccoli, bell pepper and onions. I didn’t feel like adding meat or egg and I didn’t have any tofu, so for a bit of protein I made a peanut butter sauce, a mixture of peanut butter, hot chili sauce and soy sauce, eyeballing the proportions and mixing until the smell was right and the consistency seemed to be what I wanted.

Still no wok.  I added vegetables in ones or twos to cook, adding the broccoli fairly late (when the pan was fairly full and the vegetables would be putting off a fair bit of steam) and letting it cook a few minutes before adding the sauce.

Then I mixed in the sauce and let it all cook together a bit.

I  added some red bell pepper and parsley and let it cook for just a moment or two longer before I served it up over rice.

It all turned out very satisfactory, but I really do mean to get a wok one of these days. That would make it easier to do fast intensive frying without the steaming. It would also probably help if I used smaller quantities, but I’m kind of in a habit of cooking to have leftovers. (And the leftovers of this were very good.)

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